What is Polyurethane Tooling Board

A polyurethane modelling board is used a lot in the automotive industry for any manufacturing where prototype modelling work is required.

Made in a variety of thicknesses and densities, it’s the ideal choice for those working in design and style for concept car modelling. The variety of tooling boards helps to withstand the varying levels of demands that it’s put through. Not only is it useful for the automotive industry, but it helps in aerospace, rail and creative industries too.

Why Use a Polyurethane Tooling Board?

The use of polyurethane tooling boards comes with a variety of benefits. For example, they’re used in lower-temperature applications and as such, they’re designed to be stable and easy to machine. They also produce an excellent surface finish that many manufacturers and engineers will appreciate.

As they are highly flexible to their environment, they can be styled via CNC machining or by hand if preferred. With Polyurethane, the applications it can be applied to vary from commercial product design to architectural modelling and Film & TV set and prop production.

Different Polyurethane Tooling Board Densities

The density of the board needed will differ depending on the job and what it requires from the tooling board itself. The more dense the board is, the heavier and more robust it is. Below is a list of densities that we often work with:

  • 0.08 density
  • 0.7 density
  • 0.24 density
  • 1 density
  • 0.3 density
  • 1.2 density
  • 0.35 density
  • 1.4 density
  • 0.4 density
  • 1.7 density
  • 0.6 density**

**We predominantly work with 0.6 density polyurethane tooling boards.

The finer the details that can be formed, the less risk of damage. The density desired will depend on how tough the application requires the board to withstand.

What is Polyurethane Tooling Board

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