5-Axis CNC Machining

Penta Pattern & Model have been delivering 5-axis CNC machining solutions for more than three decades, and our 20,000 square foot facility is packed with high-tech equipment capable of cutting the most complex designs and components and is operated by field experts.

We supply a number of different industries with our services including motorsport, automotive, art and design along with sculptors and more. Find out more about our sectors.

Our machining capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Composite patterns
  • Direct composite tooling
  • Product/prototyping
  • Foundry patterns
  • RIM mould tools
  • A Class Cubing Models
  • Hammer forms
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5 Axis Machines

Machining can be provided as either a stand alone service or can be combined with the processing of composite parts for inserts and/or detailed precision features such as slots, holes, threads or other requirements.

Our workshop consists of six full 5-axis machines ranging in size:

  • CMS – 2600x1500x1200mm
  • CMS – 3600x1800x1200mm
  • CMS – 2600x2800x1000mm
  • Mazak – 3000x1000x700mm
  • Mazak – 500x500x500mm
  • Mazak – 600x1300x300mm

Extensive Range of Materials

We offer an extensive 5-axis CNC machining service and are capable of processing a range of materials including, but not limited to:

The view of 5-Axis CNC Machining
Part of Alexander Stoddart's Aristotle sculpture on Penta's CNC machine

What is 5 Axis CNC Machining?

5-axis CNC machines are defined by their ability to rotate around the part (or rotate the part itself) while machining it. This differs from a standard 3-axis CNC machines in that instead of just relying on lateral movement, 5 axis machines can effortlessly handle machining from various angles, eliminating the need for constant material movement by operators.

With 5-axis machining, manual rotation is replaced by machine precision, resulting in improved accuracy, higher production rates, and the capability to manufacture larger, more intricate parts in less time compared to other CNC machines.

Autodesk Power Mill

The CAM package that we use for programming machine paths for the manufacture of parts is Autodesk Power Mill.

It maximises CNC machine efficiency and improves productivity with lights-out machining. Once programming is complete, we use CGTech Vericut software to fully simulate the NC code prior to machining to safe guard against any potential collisions and programming anomalies on the machines.

Following the machining process, a full inspection is undertaken in our dedicated inspection facility to verify dimensional accuracy. Find out more about our 3D scanning and inspection services.

If you opt for a start-to-finish project then visit our Materials and Finishes page to see all of the finishes available.


    Established in 1985, we have built a strong reputation for manufacturing excellent products within tight timescales and to extremely high tolerances. In order to achieve this, we use state of the art equipment and traditional, time-honoured processes and skills.

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