CAD Engineering and Design

Require a new product design or need help to make a design manufacturable?

Our CAD engineering and design team will optimise your design ready for manufacture. We can work from an idea, reverse engineer an existing product or take an existing CAD file and manipulate it to meet your precise specifications. We work closely with our customers so that we can develop a true understanding of their needs and can assist with anything from component design to material selection.

Starting from as little as an idea or concept, we will take you through the design process, resulting in a quality 3D CAD model so you can see your ideas as reality. We are able to focus on individual components, or full complex assemblies utilising a range of advanced materials; both composite and machined.

Our CAD engineering team working on a project to machine a horse head.

Our CAD Capabilities

Penta Pattern & Model uses Autodesk’s PowerShape, a powerful CAD system for complex parts and modelling for manufacture. This system allows our engineering team to create complex 3D geometry for multi-axis, high-speed CNC machining with ease.

Product Design
Turn your ideas into manufacturable products with our CAD engineering and design services. We can work from your idea or concept and work with you through the complete design process from scratch.

Engineering Design
When provided with a CAD design of the final product, we can design and engineer all of the other elements required to achieve the end result through manufacture such as the patterns and moulds.

Reverse Engineering
We can reconstruct an existing part or assembly by gaining dimensional information of the object via 3D scanning. We then work through the usual design process in the opposite direction to arrive at the product design specification. During the process, vital information about the design concept and manufacturing methods is discovered.

Surface Modelling
We use Geomagic Design X for editing from scan data and mesh data. This allows us to define and sculpt the highest quality surfaces which is a sought after attribute in the motorsport and automotive industries.

Efficiency and Testing

The CAM package that we use for programming machine paths for the manufacture of parts is Autodesk Power Mill. It maximises CNC machine efficiency and improves productivity with lights-out machining. Once programming is complete, we use CGTech Vericut software to fully simulate the NC code prior to machining to safe guard against any potential collisions and programming anomalies on the machines. Find out more about our 5-axis CNC Machining.


    Established in 1985, we have built a strong reputation for manufacturing excellent products within tight timescales and to extremely high tolerances. In order to achieve this, we use state of the art equipment and traditional, time honoured processes and skills.

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