3D Scanning Services

Penta Pattern & Model’s 3D scanning services are a highly effective solution for a multitude of data capture, analysis and verification tasks. Our skilled team are fully trained on the operation of the equipment and software and will be on hand to assist you with your project through every stage.

With this technology, the possibilities truly are endless. From scanning a sculptor’s maquette and scaling the project up to the desired size to scanning a full size vehicle!

3D Scanning Services at Pentapatterns

3D scanning technologies

Our dedicated inspection facility includes:

  • An Artec Leo Wireless 3D Scanner
  • Two 1.5m Hexagon Romer Absolute Arms (portable)
  • One 4m Hexagon Romer Absolute Arm

This state-of-the-art technology provides the ability to capture exceptionally accurate measurements, regardless of the environment. We use Autodesk Power inspect and Artec Studio software for all scanning and inspection purposes which makes inspecting large, complex and layered parts simpler. Then for editing from scan data and mesh data, we use Geomagic Design X. This allows us to define and sculpt the highest quality surfaces.

Our equipment capabilities

3D Measurement
We use our 3D scanners to collect 3D data from physical objects and replicate them in the digital realm. 3D scanners can measure the finest of details which helps us to ensure that parts are designed properly to fit together, optimise designs and tolerances, improve engineering processes and tooling, and cut costs associated with scrap parts, product recalls and production downtimes.

From the data captured by the scanner, we can analyse the geometry of the manufactured part against a master CAD model to highlight dimensional adherence to tolerances. A report is then generated with all of this information and sent to the customer.

Reverse Engineering
We can reconstruct an existing part or assembly by gaining dimensional information of the object via 3D scanning. The 3D scan will then allow us to generate CAD models which may have originally been lost or even non existent. We then work through the usual process to reengineer and manufacture a new product.

Our 3D scanning services allow us to collect very detailed data from a wide variety of objects. Once we have this data, we have the ability to manipulate the data to scale the job to the desired size. For example, we could scan a small maquette created for a statue idea and scale it up so that it would be 7 ft tall once machined and assembled.

Example 3d Scanning Projects

Explore a selection of case studies of our work. Among these are some spectacular examples of projects where our 3D scanning service played a crucial role. We're proud to have worked with some of the worlds pre-eminent sculptors and artists on pieces that can be seen across the globe.

View case studies including 3D scanning

Horse sculpture in Dubai
Laser scanning and photogrammetry 3d models

Which 3d Scanning Technology is best for you?

3D laser scanning is a versatile technology employed across multiple industries. Its applications range from surveying and mapping to 3D modeling. In contrast, photogrammetry is a technique that transforms 2D photographs into 3D models. When deciding between these technologies, it is crucial to consider the specific requirements and purposes for which the equipment will be utilized.

Learn More About 3D Laser Scanning vs Photogrammetry

3D laser scanning and photogrammetry are distinct methods for creating 3D models of objects or environments. 3D laser scanning relies on laser technology to precisely measure the shape and features of an object by bouncing laser beams off the surfaces.

Photogrammetry, on the other hand, involves taking 2D photographs of an object from multiple angles and using software to analyse the overlapping points and reconstruct a 3D model. The choice between the two methods depends on factors like precision, speed, cost, and the nature of the objects being scanned.


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