Finishes & Materials


Here at Penta Pattern & Model Ltd we have the knowledge and facilities to create bespoke furniture and artwork pieces from your design or brief.

 Our highly experienced staff are capable of creating pieces in a range of materials  including wood, resin and liquid metal as well as creating textured finishes. 


Our bespoke team have years of experience casting resin in the UK, enabling us to create a variety of products in resin.

The process of creating a tough and durable resin consists of a 2-component system of resin & hardener. Mixing the two together prompts a chemical reaction, transforming them from a liquid to a solid. 

Colour pigment or tint can be added to give the resin a specific colour, take a look at our sample images to see what we can create.

Scroll down to see the resin topped furniture pieces that we have designed & produced here at Penta Pattern & Model Ltd.


Created using a range of materials, pigments & paints.

We can create stunning pieces by topping the textured with optically clear resin. The images opposite include materials such as gold lead, foils, paint and metallic shimmer powders.

Different textures can be achieved upon request, please contact us for further information or for a full sample list.



Metal Sprayed

Finished in a variety of textures and patterns.

The sample images opposite are all examples of bronze metal sprayed finished with different textures produced here a Penta. 

A few of the finishes include polished, deliberately added defects, patina and unpolished or textured. 

Other metal sprayed finishes and textures are achievable. Please contact us for further information. 



To speak to us about your next project or to find out more about how we can help you please get in touch. 

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