Bespoke Furniture Design and Build Process

Bespoke handmade furniture offers a luxury and unique feel for interior designers and architects when putting the finishing touches on a build or renovation. Not only does it meet your needs in terms of usability and quality, but since bespoke furniture is completely guided by the vision of those commissioning it, it further fulfils aesthetic requirements.

The bespoke furniture design and build process is designed to make the process of creating and manufacturing bespoke furniture as refined as possible, helping to realise your visions with little difficulty.

It all starts with a conversation

The first step in the creation of handmade furniture design involves initial conversations surrounding the project and furniture. All stages of a project can be accounted for, whether you only have a concept in mind or a more complete vision.

Initial conversations tend not to offer a fixed vision of your furniture design, but suggest the various paths you could go down to achieve the feel you’re after for your furniture.

Budget is another key part of the initial conversation. Bespoke design must fit your needs and budget; conversations surrounding budget are not intended to limit what you can achieve, but guide the processes in how you achieve it.

bespoke furniture design and build process
Designer sketching drawing design development product plan draft chair armchair Wingback  Interior furniture prototype manufacturing production. designer studio concept .

The next step: bespoke furniture design

At this stage, your project can move into the design phase, where ideas and concepts are brought to fruition.

Concept design

Concept design builds upon the requirements of the client as outlined in initial conversations. This primitive design will be directed by not only the goals and visions for the furniture, but intentions – including practicality and usability.

Measurements and a site survey will be taken to determine the dimensions of the furniture and how it will fit into and interact with the surrounding environment.  

The concept design will then require client approval before it can move ahead.

Choosing the right material

Different finishes and materials are available for custom furniture design, ensuring your product looks, feels, and performs exactly as required.

As part of the product design, choosing from a selection of suitable materials – such as resin, bronze, wood or steel – which fulfil your aesthetic and performance requirements is a key step. This should be completed in conjunction with the expert advice of your designers so that the material you choose is appropriate for your product specifications.

Detailed design

The detailed design stage utilises the approved concept design and material choices and prepares the product design for manufacture; this will incorporate how the product is to be manufactured and assembled and will be represented by visual 2D and 3D models.

If the furniture is to be manufactured using CNC machinery (computer numerical controlled, or automated machinery), the detailed design will also provide the data to be integrated into the manufacturing machinery for the creation of your product.

Turning your ideas into reality

The success of your bespoke furniture design and build is dependent on a productive and transparent design process. The best results are achieved when interior designers and architects work together with the manufacturer, each bringing their expertise to develop a truly bespoke product.

As a skilled furniture maker, Penta Patterns is prepared to assist you with your furniture-making project. With just an idea or a sketch, you can approach us, and we'll help you through every step of the manufacturing process. From concept design, choosing the appropriate materials, and detailed design up to the product's final delivery. Turning your ideas into reality is only one message away;  get in touch with us to see your imagined furniture come to life. Read more about our bespoke furniture services.


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