Desert X – Weird Life: An Ode to Desert Varnish

Project: Desert X

Artist: Aseel AlYaqoub, Weird Life: An ode to desert varnish

Contractor: Constantine KSA

Client: Royal Commission for AlUla

Desert X Alula - Weird Life: An Ode To Desert Varnish

Our client

Late November 2023 marked a defining moment for Penta Pattern & Model, as we embarked on an extraordinary journey to sculpt a landmark in the heart of AlUla, Saudi Arabia's desert expanse. The commission, a collaboration with the renowned artist Aseel AlYaqoub, was titled "Weird Life: An Ode to Desert Varnish." This piece sought to pay homage to the natural wonder of desert varnish through a grandiose, 3D scanned rock formation, elegantly veiled in resin.

In partnership with the visionary Aseel AlYaqoub, esteemed contractor Constantine KSA, and our prestigious client, the Royal Commission for AlUla, we set forth on a mission laden with challenges yet brimming with potential. Our approach was characterised by an unwavering commitment to excellence, as we harnessed our comprehensive supply chain to procure innovative materials and employ state-of-the-art technologies. The endeavour included advanced 3D printing for the façade and precision machining for the resin "drips," meticulously engineered in segments for seamless transport and assembly on site.

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The process

The task of overseeing this monumental installation fell to Neil Walker, our esteemed Managing Director, and Alexander Webb, a distinguished designer and artist from our affiliate, Three One Four Studio. Together with 200kg of tinted epoxy resin, supplied by Alchemie, and the skilled art technicians from Constantine KSA, they orchestrated the application of the resin, a critical step in actualising AlYaqoub's artistic vision.

Faced with the unpredictable elements of the desert—ranging from shifting temperatures and sudden sandstorms to the scarcity of resources—our team's resilience and ingenuity shone through. The successful completion of "Weird Life: An Ode to Desert Varnish" for Desert X stands as a testament to Penta's ability to navigate the most challenging environments and timelines.

Now open to the public until 23rd March '24, Desert X offers a unique vista into the intersection of art and nature, showcasing our dedication to pushing the boundaries of creative expression amidst the desert's mystique.

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The Results

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