Three One Four, the Creative Studio of Penta Patterns, launch new bespoke functional art collection at Salon Privé

Manufacturing company, Penta Pattern and Model Ltd, and Designer, Alexander Webb have been working together on their creative studio, branded as Three One Four, to launch a new, bespoke functional art collection today at Salon Privé. The Salon Privé show runs from 1st September until 5th September.

The idea and initial preparations first started a long 18 months ago, but due to the worldwide situation in 2020, unfortunately the project was put on hold. Over the last few months, the project has really sprung back into action and both Penta and Alexander have been busy creating, assembling and adding the finishing touches for today’s event.

The collection was designed by Alexander Webb and comprises 9 pieces of luxury bespoke furniture including the Holocene dining/centre table, made from hand-painted acrylic, lacquer, polished bronze and resin; Imbalanced Holocene shelving, made from dark stained Santos rosewood with a satin finish, brick red lacquer and resin; Changing Seasons sideboard, made from satin ziricote with book-matched sap, dark bronze with polished highlights, dark amber resin and vermillion red lacquer; Fossilised Resin desk, made from dark stained Santos rosewood with a satin finish, brushed brass, clear resin and Aegean blue vellum; Eroded coffee table, made from oil black hand-finished Jesmonite; Neolithic Holocene console table, made from pearl lacquer; Magallana large mirror, in white gold leaf; Hope chair, made from carbon fibre, blue lacquer, dark bronze with polished highlights, bronze hardware and great plains angorra upholstery; Magallana small mirror, in mustard yellow lacquer and the Bust end table cast in amber resin.

Managing Director for Penta Pattern and Model Ltd, Neil Walker said:

“We are really pleased to have been a part of this journey and to have produced such remarkable pieces in house here at Penta.
The first day of the launch at Salon Privé has been an incredible experience for not only myself and my team but also for Penta as a business. Our involvement with this new venture into functional artwork with Alex and Three One Four will hopefully lead us into many more exciting projects in the future.”

Designer, Alexander Webb said:

“The opportunity to create such unique and exceptional pieces could only have been possible with the help and abilities of everyone at Penta. From the moment Neil and I first discussed this collaboration, I knew it was going to be something extraordinary.

The collection itself is inspired by the fast-moving pace of the modern world, and not only the current time we are in but looking back, and importantly, forward. It links functional art and design from the incredible understanding of the makers at Penta, direct to end users, including HNWI’s, Collectors and Interior Designers, and the works vary from one off artist’s editions and limited editions, and pieces that can be fully customised and commissioned together with our clients.

Launching our debut collection at Salon Privé has been an inspiring experience and will hopefully lead towards many opportunities with Penta to grow Three One Four Studio as a brand.”

You can follow Three One Four Studio on Instagram at @threeonefourstudio for updates and to watch the collection evolve.

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