7 Race Horse Sculptures in Dubai

We were contacted to work on a project for Carolyn Morton, a sculptor. The project required our 3D scanning services to scan 7 clay models, sculpted by Carolyn, of the clients racehorses and then to machine the patterns for the horse sculptures. They were then cast in bronze at Black Isle Bronze Foundry.

Our client

Carolyn Morton is a sculptor specialising in human portrait, figurative and animal sculpture (predominantly horses). Carolyn is originally from Wimbledon but in 2003 moved to Dubai which resulted in some notable commissions including a life size bronze bust of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Makthoum, ruler of Dubai and Vice president of the UAE.

The 7 race horse sculptures were for her client in Dubai who owned a number of their own racehorses. The horse sculptures now stand proudly at the clients home and were incorporated as a part of a water feature.

One of the finished horse sculptures in the water feature at the clients home

The process

The biggest obstacle we faced during this project was the vast distance between our workshop and Carolyn’s studio. In order to take the initial scans of the clay models, we had to travel to Carolyn’s studio in Portugal. Luckily our 3D scanning equipment is portable, so we were able to easily travel with it.

For this particular job, we used one of our Hexagon Romer Arms and the latest software to begin the process. Once we had scanned all of the models and gathered all the data we needed, we returned to our workshop in Hinckley, Leicestershire. Our CAD department then scaled up the data from the scans to make the models life-sized. Each model was then divided into machinable pieces which, once each piece was machined and hand finished, were assembled and ready to be sent for casting.

Machined patterns partly assembled for one of the horse sculptures

The results

The pieces were sand cast and finished by the team at Black Isle Bronze. The completed bronze horse sculptures now stand proudly at the clients home as part of a water feature. It took our team 7 months to complete our elements of the project from taking the initial scans right through to delivering the patterns to Black Isle Bronze for casting.

Five of the horse sculptures installed at the clients home


This was a remarkable project to have been involved with and the final result is truly stunning. Overall, the whole project took around 18 months to complete but the teamwork and communication between all parties involved is what helped it run so smoothly resulting in a beautiful piece of artwork for the customer. We are very proud of our contribution to the project

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