Services & Facilities


Our CAD facilities & services include: 

– Extensive CAD/CAM package
– 3D Modelling from scratch
– Manipulation of an existing CAD to your specifications
– Reverse engineering of any file type
– Full 5 axis CAM, NC code fully simulated prior to machining

CNC Machining

CNC (computerised numerically controlled) machining is a process of manufacturing where the factory machinery and tool movement is driven by a pre-coded computer programming software. 

At Penta Pattern & Model Ltd we currently have four full 5 axis CNC machines, ranging in size. Our machines are capable of cutting anything from 450mm x 500mm x 270mm to 3600mm x 1800mm x 600mm and the ability to cut a number of materials, from polystyrene to exotic metals.

CNC devices are extremely precise and can be programmed to 1000’s of an inch which enables us to work to extremely fine tolerances.



Inspection & Scanning

Our scanning and inspection facilities and services include: 

– Dedicated inspection facility
– Portable inspection arms that can be used anywhere, capable of inspecting parts to a required tolerance
– Ability to machine directly from scanned area