We have been involved in a number of bronze cast finish projects over the years.

We are proud to have taken part in creating some iconic pieces that stand proud around the world.

War Horse Memorial

We had an involvement in the War Horse memorial statue which now sits on a plinth in Ascot near the racecourse. This was commissioned to commemorate all of the fallen horses during the two world wars.

We scanned the original maquette and created patterns which had been scaled up to the desired size. The below photos show the final statue after casting and the unveiling of the statue in the summer of 2018.

Race Horses

This art piece was created based on 7 race horses owned by the customer. Creating each statue involved scanning a clay model and scaling up to life size. Having portable scanning arms and the latest software enabled us to travel to begin the process. 

Each model was then divided into machinable pieces which were later reassembled. After assembly, the horses were sent for casting in Bronze and now stand as part of a water feature at the customers home. 

Leon Battista Alberti Statue

This statue depicts the architect Leon Battista Alberti. We scanned the original maquette and scaled the model up to the desired size of 14 feet in height and cut patterns made from a low density model board. Once assembled in house, the full assembly was sent to Alexander Stoddart for him to prepare the piece for casting. The below photos show the finished statue, cast and mounted on a plinth. 

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