Penta Pattern & Model Ltd create unique patterns and moulds for the automotive industry, bespoke furniture manufacturers and world renowned artists.

This could be the dream job for someone who wants deep immersion into the world of marketing. Currently we produce and sell products to industry and we wish to move into a new luxury, product line which we sell either directly to the end user or to a retail outlet for them to sell to the public.  We know that the products we create are excellent quality but we have no knowledge of how to market our products and get them out there for buyers to know about and hopefully purchase.

That’s where you come in, we are looking for someone to take us into selling luxury goods to a whole new clientele. We are looking for someone who will design, develop, create and implement a marketing strategy for our new products. 

You will be the face that will welcome people into our facility as well as the marketing coordinator so you need to be smart, presentable, confident, outgoing, willing to work alone and take responsibility for your work. You need to be savvy in all aspects of social media, have an interest in interior design, furniture, art and luxury items so that you can engage our new clients.

You will need to be willing to travel and be an ambassador for the company at clients’ addresses. Your written and spoken English need to be excellent with an easy going ability to convey your message with the use of excellent grammar and good manners at all times.

If you are currently studying at university this job could be used as a long term assignment to test whether a company can change from being a supplier to industry and become a supplier to the public.

1 year fixed term contract with the opportunity to extend and make permanent

The job is full time and has a starting salary of £25,000 per year.

    To Apply:

    Please email or ring 01455 890 571 to ask for an application form.